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On a constant quest to find the best recipes. We choose carefully our production process and ingredients. At BPM Kollektiv, we have in-depth experience in crafting new brews. This is  complemented with partnerships and collaboration with several other microbreweries in Belgium.
Bekass Label Artwork
Alc. 5,6%
IBU 18

Bekass is where it all started. First brewed in our notorious basement, it has grown in taste and style to become what it is now. Bekass is a wheat beer brewed using bergamot and black pepper. It has a smooth and refreshing body with some citrusy herbal notes, and a distinct pepper flavor. We love this beer's versatility: refresh yourself with a Bekass with the sun shining on your face during a hot Belgian summer afternoon. Or enjoy its complex flavors by pairing it with your favorite food.

Kaskad Label Artwork
Alc. 6,6%
IBU 16
EBC 10

Kaskad is our most recent little baby. Typical of a New England IPA, we dry-hopped it with loads of aromatic hops, with an emphasis on the Cascade hops. These will bring some fruity, tropical notes to your palate. As if this wasn’t enough, we threw in some fresh ginger to give it an extra kick. Try it, adopt it, take your Kaskad everywhere you go to impress your friends with its cool design and delicious taste.

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